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+Link Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Personal Information

Link collects no personal information. Even for registered users, no personal information is collected, the entire relationship is purely anonymous.

Cookies and Tracking

Link uses cookies to track your presence. These cookies contain no personal information and offer no guarantees for identity. Deleting this cookie will remove any connection you previously had with the application. The links you have posted will not be deleted (see: Public Nature of the Links)

Third Parties

Link does not share any information with any third parties, even if accidentally acquired. We also use no third party tools / services to track your presence on our website.

Description of Service

Link allows Users to generate a short link which in turn would redirect the user to an internet location. The advantage of using Link shortening service is that users following links shortened by Link will get the opportunity to review a series of information that Link will extract from the destination resource.

Civil Conduct

By using Link, you certify that you are going to use it responsibly, generating reasonable load, and that you are not going to use it in conjunction with any criminal, unlawful, unethical activity. You are not going to direct users to Internet locations containing malicious content, propaganda, hate, racist or otherwise discriminatory in nature.

If we detect such activity we reserve the right to log any information about you that we find available, such as IP address, report this information to the legal authorities, and to prevent you from using our service in the future.

Public nature of the links

The short links generated by Link are public. They may be accessed and followed by anybody. Do not shorten URLs that you intend to share in a small circle of people, or which contain information you wish to keep private.

Given their public nature, we will only delete the shortened URLs from our database if the destination is no longer available. If you wish to delete a URL from our database you must first make the URL unavailable (the server should return 404 error code). Then simply visit the shortened version of link again.

As a side effect, you will only be able to remove links from our service if you control the destination.

Limitation of Responsibility

Phishing can be a highly professional, personally targeted social engineering attack. It is often very difficult to recognize the signs and there are no rules or baselines to detect these attacks with 100% accuracy. Link uses sophisticated mechanisms to detect signs that are impossible to detect by human eye and can aid detection of such attack, but we cannot guarantee that a shortened URL does not contain malicious content and/or is not run by a malicious entity. It is your sole responsibility to make sure the link you are visiting is not malicious and you cannot hold us responsible for any damage that you incur by visiting a link shortened via Link services


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