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+Link Shorten

Look before you click - See where you go - Be in control

A simple link shortening service to combat phishing

Moderate Vigilance

Inspect Everything

With this vigilance level in place you get the chance to inspect every link that comes through Link.

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Inspect Destination

Link will inspect every destination for suspicious content or configuration and pause redirect if something is suspicious giving you the possibility to see where you are headed

See Where You Go

Link will resolve your final destination, so if you have a shortened link you are afraid to click, just shorten it again and see where it goes

Crowd Intelligence

With Link people benefit from your feedback and you benefit from theirs. Together we stand a better chance of spotting hoaxes

Machine Learning

Link gradually learns what the safe sites are and what looks phishy and will give you the comfort of instant redirect with enhanced security and safety

Enterprise Deployment

Run Link on your premises and make sure your employees know where they click. A simple yet powerful way to spot phishing attempts

Tailor it to Your Needs

White-list your internal or friendly services to eliminate unnecessary friction and get notified when defense mechanisms are triggered


Use the API to shorten URLs and make configuration changes, and integrate Link with your other enterprise security solutions
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